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How Many Can You Answer?

by Jerry Bader

This is actually from last fall, but surfaced on the web a week ago. This is why Trey Gowdy was chosen to head up the Select Committee on Benghazi. Here's a question, some eight months later, can the media still answer any of these questions about what happened at Benghazi? The answer is no.

This begs the question; is this the face of the modern media or has it always been this one-sided. Had Watergate happened in a Democratic administration, would that president had survived? Would Woodward and Bernstein been journalistic pit bulls then? My suspicion is things are worse today than they were then. I say that because I believe Watergate set the media template for aggressively investigating Republican scandals and ignoring Democratic ones.

Of course, the media knew that the White House was the "Harem at 1600 Pennsylvania" when JFK lived there, and did nothing. And Gowdy's point in the video is a good one; when the media give a Democrat cover in a scandal like this, do they really not understand they're pigeons?