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VIDEO: 10-pound pike hammers 1-pound walleye

by Mike McFeely

I apologize from the start: This is a real crummy-quality video. My video camera had a foggy lense and it was windy as heck on the lake. Both the picture quality and sound are bad. So, sorry.

But here's the story: I was fishing on Devils Lake, N.D., a couple of weeks ago with my great friend Jeff Katzer of Mitchell's Guide Service and Woodland Resort. Jeff was kind enough to take me, Harold Solem and Jake Solem of Fargo fishing. Harold and Jake won a day of fishing with me through a contest held by F-M Walleyes Unlimited. As it turned out, Jeff's clients canceled on him that day so he offered to take us all fishing. As I said, great guy. I'd recommend him for anybody wanting to fish Devils Lake. You WILL catch fish.

We were having a great time catching 15- to 18-inch walleyes using leeches under slip bobbers in about 6 feet of water along a flooded shelter belt, when all of a sudden a walleye that Harold was reeling in almost became lunch for a much-bigger fish. Here is the video: