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Are you getting the itch yet? This won't help!

by Jason Hillery

We're a month away from opening weekend for the 2013 deer hunt in Wisconsin. September 14th kicks off the bow season, which, in my opinion, is the greatest of all hunting seasons.

By now, or in the coming days, you should have the work done on your property. Moving stands, turning food plots, scouting, cutting shooting lanes, etc. It's important to get that stuff done a month ahead of the hunt to give things time to settle back down.

I went out an checked my cameras over the weekend. They've been sitting for 2 weeks, so I couldn't wait to see what I had on the SD card! All in all, I had some good photos. Several smaller bucks, some does, and then... these two photos:

WOW! It's official... I have the itch!

If you've got pics from your trail cameras, please share! I'll post them here over the next few weeks. Send the jason.hillery@mwcradio.com