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Worst meal in America? Sounds great!

by Greg Belfrage

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO-AM) - The Center for Science in the Public Interest is at it again.  This time they've named Long John Silver's new Big Catch meal to be the 'worst in America'.

CSPI is well known for its fast food litigation and constant push for increased government regulation of the food industry.  In the past, the group has targeted movie theater popcorn and Chinese food.

CSPI has endorsed extra taxes on foods with fat, sugar, and sodium.  They've pushed for government-mandated “warning” labels on high-fat, high-calorie menu items and mandatory nutrition information on restaurant menus and menu-boards.  They vehemently oppose the use of alcohol, even when consumed in moderation.  And the list goes on.

CSPI is a left-wing, big-government group that has never met a federal regulation they didn't like.

So, naturally, when CSPI proclaims Long John Silver's 'Big Catch' as the worst restaurant meal in America... I can't wait to run out and buy it!  Sounds great to me!  I love Long John Silver's, just like every other patriotic American.

There may be some good news here, as it appears Americans are growing increasingly tired of being told what they can eat or drink.

A recent Gallup poll found that 69% of Americans would not vote for portion control in soft drinks.  This echoes a January poll by the Associated Press that says 59 percent of Americans oppose food and soda taxes and 74 percent disapprove of portion control laws.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who rushes out to thumb my nose at CPSI.  I received the following email from a listener:

"Isn't it sad that we take such a pleasure in savoring a giant soda - as if to thumb our nose to the government - and their misguided belief they need to control that portion of our lives? By the way, I also enjoy bacon. How long until that becomes a "controlled substance"?

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