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Weiland attacks state GOP impeachment vote

by Greg Belfrage

Rick Weiland is taking note of Saturday's vote at the South Dakota Republican Party's convention in Rapid City. Delegates passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

A news release from the Weiland campaign today stated:

South Dakota GOP Goes Full-Tilt Tea Party at State Convention

Adding to (Chris) Cillizzas narrative and, the Eric Cantor storyline, the South Dakota Republican Partys State Convention in Rapid City made national news on Saturday when delegates narrowly approved a resolution that calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. Rounds, facing clear pressure on the right from former GOP state legislature and South Dakota Tea Party founder Gordon Howie, quickly had his campaign manager support the resolution on twitter. Interestingly, more than a couple of delegates were willing to go on the record with the Argus Leader and voice their surprise and bewilderment at their own partys actions.

Weiland is preaching to the liberal choir when he should be trying to win over moderate Republicans. Criticizing the Tea Party may play well with the Democrat faithful, but it isn't going to be well-received in west river South Dakota.

Saturday's impeachment vote showed some of the fractures within the state Republican Party.

However, the disagreement was on tactics. Some don't think an impeachment vote can be won in the Senate. Others are worried about the consequences of impeachment proceedings for Republicans in the mid-term elections.

However, ask Republicans if they think President Obama has repeatedly violated the Constitution. You'll find a lot of consensus.

One thing is certain.

South Dakota Republicans don't want another liberal Democrat serving in the U.S. Senate to rubber stamp Obama's destructive agenda.

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