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Walmart should face conditional use process

by Greg Belfrage

There's some uncertainty surrounding the voter approved rezoning for a new Walmart in south central Sioux Falls.

The Argus Leader reports that it's not known whether the new Walmart will require a conditional use permit. The city's pre-election zoning says Walmart would require a conditional use permit to build on the property. The conditional use allows neighbors to place restrictions on landscaping, signage, etc.

However, voters also approved the Shape Places zoning package. Under Shape Places, that southside property is rezoned commercial C-4 and no conditional use permit would be required to build the new Walmart.

The decision would seem to be an easy one.

Shape Places has been approved by voters, but it hasn't yet gone into effect. Therefore, it seems only right that Walmart would go through the usual conditional use permit process.

The battle over the southside Walmart has been a long one for members of Save Your Neighborhood. The group fought long and hard against a Walmart near 85th and Minnesota and repeatedly lost.

The city shouldn't add insult to injury by denying those neighbors a chance to put reasonable restrictions on the property. Allowing them to do so will foster good will after an often bitter debate over the appropriate location for Walmart.

And Walmart will survive the process without any major complications or disruptions, just as they have in other neighborhoods throughout Sioux Falls in the past.

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