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Video: Letterman announces his retirment

by Greg Belfrage

David Letterman announced his retirement during today's taping of Late Show . He said no firm date has been set for him to step down, but it likely would be in 2015.

I was a huge Letterman fan during my college days at the University of South Dakota. I had seen Letterman's morning television show a few times and enjoyed it. Apparently few others did because the show bombed and was soon canceled.

However, the critics were kind to Letterman and he soon found himself back on television.

Late Night with David Letterman was "must see" television for me and my college pals at USD. We tuned in to the very first episode and rarely missed a broadcast in the months that followed. Letterman was hip, funny and innovative.

We all know about Letterman's troubles with NBC and General Electric. The final straw for Letterman was when NBC passed him over to replace Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show.

Letterman packed his bags and moved to CBS and the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York in 1993. He's been there ever since.

Over the years, I lost my love for Letterman's show. I don't know if I left Dave or he left me. But I found the jokes were less funny, the shtick had turned lame, and the banter with music director Paul Shaffer was increasingly inane.

It also seemed to me that Letterman had grown too political, bitter and angry. Therefore, I really won't miss Late Show with David Letterman.

However, I do miss the brash and irreverent comedian that debuted on NBC in 1982. He was a great talent who helped pave the way for Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and the rest.

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