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Trash cans: Eyesore or Over-regulation?

by Greg Belfrage

Have trash cans outside our homes become a blight on the city?

One resident thinks so. He's apparently complained long enough and loud enough that the city is considering making it illegal tostore your trash can in front of your home.

The Sioux Falls City Council tonight will hear first reading of an ordinance requiring us to store trash containers "inside, beside, or behind the structure or in a screened or enclosed area that is reasonably accessible to the licensed commercial garbage hauler".

In other words, get your trash cans in the garage or out of sight.

I must admit that I am an offender.

I have stored our trash can in front of our home for many years. It sits in a small recess near the garage door. If the trash can becomes full, we keep additional trash bags in the garage until collection day.

Some garbage haulers don't like the proposal. They fear some residents will forget to put out their trash on collection day. They also have concerns about accessibility of trash cans if they are located within three feet of homes.

And if more regulation results in more work for haulers, you can bet it will mean higher prices for residents.

I honestly couldn't tell you whether my neighbors keep their trash cans inside or outside. I haven't noticed. I prefer to occupy my mind with more interesting things than taking note of how many people have trash cans stored in front of their homes.

Personally, I feel it's wrong for a city of over 150,000 people to craft an ordinance based on the complaints of a single resident on a misguided crusade.

One more thing.

If trash cans are such an eyesore, why are our city parks littered with them?

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