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The official pizza of the Sanford Premier Center

by Greg Belfrage

Sponsors of the new Sanford Premier Center continue to climb on board! It was announced this week that Papa John's will be the exclusive pizza vendor. It's a five year deal worth $139,000.

It appears Mayor Mike Huether is making good on his promise that the Sanford Premier Center will operate in the black. During an appearance on the show earlier this week, Huether was emphatic that the center should make money.

"We made a commitment that if they trusted us enough here in Sioux Falls (to approve the center) that we would operate that thing in the black. And I tell you, I truly like our chances," Huether said.

"We've already generated $2.3 million per year in revenue for that complex and we haven't even opened up the doors yet."

Papa John's commitment is yet another step toward the mayor's goal of generating $3 million annually in sponsorship revenues.

During the debate, I was extremely skeptical of the mayor's claims that the new center would generate a profit. Sioux Falls residents have heard those kinds of promises in the past, only to find themselves holding the bag for annual operating expenses.

However, Huether seems determined to reward the faith of voters who approved the project. It's refreshing, especially in the current climate of voter distrust of government.

Kudos to Huether and his team for the hard work. And thanks to those sponsors who have stepped up to improve the quality of life in our community and keep taxes low.

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