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The Bosworth train wreck

by Greg Belfrage

In my last column, I detailed Dr. Annette Bosworth's surprise visit to our studios this morning. Shortly after leaving, she posted this video titled "Wake Up America" to her Facebook page .

I've just had the opportunity to watch it. She should have titled it, "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me".

The first 7.5 minutes are an agonizing, completely self-serving tale of her battle against "the entrenched powers". She tells her story through the eyes of her son.

During the last few minutes, Bosworth finally gets around to mentioning the challenges to her petition signatures. I thought it a bit over the top when she asks, "...will Satan plant just the right people to sabotage" her campaign?

"The ballots to mommy's campaign get challenged, not once, not twice, but three times. And the government, the entrenched government, sends their people to knock on the doors of the religious leaders on the petition to confirm, 'Did you really sign this? Are you really supporting her?' That's where our tax dollars are being spent? Is to investigate 'Did you really sign this'?

The entrenched power. What will they do to keep their power? To hold on? America we need to rise up...to stand up."

The campaign has gone on long enough that it's easy to see the Bosworth pattern now. She responds to every scandal as a victim of circumstances or the "entrenched powers". Nothing is her fault. Satan, you see, is conspiring to defeat her.

That's a pretty hard case to make when one of Bosworth's biggest critics in recent weeks has been Republican state representative, and pastor, Steve Hickey. It was Hickey who filed the challenge to Bosworth's petition signatures and questioned her Christian values.

It's a complete mystery to me how anyone can listen to this self-serving pandering diatribe and feel Annette Bosworth is competent to serve in the United States Senate.

My lone thought was, "Wow, the wheels are really coming off."

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