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Stace Nelson and Rick Weiland host joint news conference

by Greg Belfrage

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. Liberal Democrat Rick Weiland and Tea Party conservative Republican Stace Nelson are holding a joint news conference today.

It's an easy bet that the pair will be taking aim jointly at frontrunner Mike Rounds.

The People for Weiland press release appears below...

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For Immediate Release: April 7, 2014

Nick Miner People for Rick Weiland 605-906-0942

Eldon Stahl Stace Nelson for Senate 605-999-1319

Stace Nelson & Rick Weiland To Hold Joint Press Conference
US Senate candidates State Representative Stace Nelson (R-Fulton) and Rick Weiland (D-Sioux Falls) will hold a joint press conference today at 2pm in Sioux Falls at the Sioux Falls Downtown Public Library.

Both men will make short statements and then take questions from the media.

Joint Stace Nelson/Rick Weiland Press Conference

Monday, April 7th

2:00 PM

Location: Sioux Falls Downtown Public Library

Paid for by People for Rick Weiland

People for Rick Weiland
P.O. Box 1488
Sioux Falls, SD 57101