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Speaker Boehner nails it on southern border crisis

by Greg Belfrage

House Speaker John Boehner is calling on President Obama to deploy the National Guard to the southern border. Boehner says the catastrophe along the southern border is a humanitarian crisis of the president's own making.

At one point, Boehner's frustration with Obama's lack of accountability was clear.

It's refreshing to see Boehner speaking with such passion. He absolutely nailed it.President Obama's refusal to accept responsibility for anything has become maddening.

The invasion at the southern border? Not his fault.

Widespread problems at the VA? Not his fault.

The IRS scandal? Not his fault.

Botched rollout of Healthcare.gov? Not his fault.

Lack of security in Benghazi? Not his fault.

Boehner spoke for many yesterday who are weary of Obama's parade of excuses. The president's record of poor performance is clear. It's way past time for him to own up to it.

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