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Should America return to Iraq?

by Greg Belfrage

Iraq is once again moving swiftly toward civil war.

Islamic militants this week seized control of Tikrit and Mosul and have threatened to march on Baghdad. It was reported last night that Sunni militants had moved to within 80 miles of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurdish forces took control of Kirkuk today after government troops stripped off their uniforms and abandoned their posts.

The New York Times reports that Iraqi Prime Minister has asked the Obama administration for a military response. As you can imagine, President Obama is in no hurry to re-engage in Iraq since the last U.S. forces were withdrawn in 2011.

Should America return to Iraq?

My callers this morning were almost unanimously opposed to American boots on the ground in Iraq. A few supported air strikes and drone attacks, but nearly every caller felt that America should not involve itself in another conflict in Iraq.

There were a few who said we never should have left. Their view was that we should have remained there to continue to engage the terrorists and provide stability. Others said we had a responsibility to defend Iraq following our military intervention under George W. Bush.

Do you think America should respond to the escalating military situation in Iraq?

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