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Senate should act on Keystone XL pipeline

by Greg Belfrage

Another effort to move the controversial Keystone XL pipeline forward has failed in the U.S. Senate.

Supporters of the pipeline tried to move the project forward by including Keystone in an energy efficiency bill. Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked the effort.

Democratic Senator Landrieu (D-LA) is a strong supporter of the pipeline. She accused Republicans yesterday of being more interested in using Keystone as an election year issue than actually building it.

Landrieu ought to save her criticism for Majority Leader Reid. He could allow a separate Keystone bill on the Senate floor at any time. However, Reid has chosen to use Keystone as a club to bludgeon Republicans into passing his energy bill.

South Dakota Senator John Thune (R) supports the Keystone XL project. Senator Tim Johnson (D) says he's still reviewing it and hasn't made a decision, yet.

Once again, Senator Johnson shows himself to be nothing but a shill for the Democrat party by withholding support. Polls show that the public strongly favors Keystone XL

It's long past time to green light the project.

TransCanada says the pipeline will generate over seven million hours of labor and over 13,000 new jobs, including 9,000 shovel ready jobs.

Let's get it done.

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