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Save Spellerberg now favors "natural" swimming pool

by Greg Belfrage

Save Spellerberg is pitching a new outdoor pool proposal with just over a week to go before the election. Spokesperson Paula Johnson sent out a news release over the weekend calling for the creation of a "natural pool" at Spellerberg Park.

A natural pool may indeed be something for the city to consider, but floating the idea at the 11th hour of the Spellerberg debate only muddies the water. In addition, the city already has plans for a new outdoor pool at Spellerberg that comply with the constraints imposed by the ballot initiative. At this point, it seems to me there's just no making the Save Spellerberg crowd happy.

You can read the group's news release below.

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Citizens for Saving Spellerberg Park News Release

For Immediate Release: Contact: Paula Johnson

27 March 2014

Citizens for Saving Spellerberg Park announced today a viable and exciting option for the outdoor pool at Spellerberg.

A natural swimming pool uses no chemicals, reduces operating costs significantly, and brings together the attributes of any green space with a neighborhood pool. With the latest technology for natural swimming pools, water plants grow in a dirt-less garden. Using a natural plant filtration process, the water becomes clean and safe to return to the pool.

The plant gardens can be a side area to a traditional looking pool or be part of the pool landscape. The process can be used on pools of all sizes, have a diving area, and plenty of room for lap swimming and a zero depth entry at one end. The varieties of pool designs are numerous which lends a unique experience of pool users.

People who have never been able to swim because of pool chemicals can now join in summer fun and swimmers of all ages can enjoy swimming without the normal red eye look from chlorine. Even in the winter when the pool water freezes, Spellerberg would have its own ice-skating.

Sioux Falls could be proud to be part of a new swimming experience in the United States while natural pools have been in use all over Europe, private and public, for over 30 years. Webber Park in Minneapolis will be the first natural pool in the U.S. this year. The cost savings in building and operating the natural pool is so significant, pool users will swim free of charge. Features of the Webber Park Pool will be a beach entry, waterfall, lap swimming, rock diving and a deep area.

The Save Spellerberg Park group is excited at the chance to build a pool for today and future generations. A natural pool would enhance Spellerberg Park, save taxpayers money for generations as opposed to becoming a tax burden and assures our neighborhood of a long and successful future. Vote YES and help Spellerberg neighbors make this happen.

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