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Rick Weiland promises aggressive campaign

by Greg Belfrage

Rick Weiland has sent out a fiery campaign email as he tries to drum up support for his U.S. Senate campaign against former governor Mike Rounds.

Weiland once worked for former Senator Tom Daschle and was a Regional Director of FEMA under President Bill Clinton.  He's run unsuccessfully for state-wide office twice before, losing congressional bids in 1996 and 2002.

Below is the full text of Weiland's latest email:


Tom Daschle, the man who inspired me to get involved in public service, wrote this to the people of South Dakota the day I announced my candidacy:

"I will be supporting Rick Weiland, not only because he is my friend, but because he is a friend of the things I fought for my entire time in Congress, the things Tim Johnson is still fighting for, and the things all three of us deeply believe will help the ordinary people of South Dakota."

If you think standing up for everyday citizens is worth fighting for, and could send me just $9 dollars (more about why $9 later) to help me in this fight, please click here.

My name is Rick Weiland. I am running for the United States Senate in South Dakota and I am not running away from being a progressive Democrat.

So I can't win, right?

WRONG--with a capital W.

Ever since Ronald Reagan convinced voters that government is the problem and not the solution, Democrats in states like mine have been groping for something to give them a chance at the polls. Some of us stood tall for the things our government still does and got crushed at the polls. Others pretended to be Republicans but got outbid by the Tea Party and then crushed at the polls.

Well, I am running to show Democrats a new way, a progressive way, that we can win in red states and it does not require fairy dust or a wand!

We lose because voters believe government is the problem. What we need to do is stop arguing with them and instead explain to them that the reason their government is the problem is because it has been stolen from them by "Big Money" and is no longer their government.

It is absolutely outrageous that we Democrats have let the Tea Party corner the market on outrage over the pitiful performance of government in recent years.

Any progressive who is not outraged by a government that has overseen the most dramatic explosion in wealth inequality in American history, the most rapid degradation of our environment in human history and the most pathetic response to the pathological lies of the far right in American political history, must be a zombie.

My "Take it Back" Senate campaign in South Dakota simply says to the people of my state: Big Money has taken over your democracy. You can either give up on what Thomas Jefferson gave you and go one on one, each of you alone against the Walmarts and Wall Streets of the world, or you can fight to take back your government and get it back on your side for a change.

People can be blind angry at government, but they get it instantly when I ask them why they want to emasculate their government when it is the only club strong enough to force Walmart to pay them a fair wage or Bank of America to give them back their homes.

The Republicans may have beaten all our Blue Dogs, but we are going to show them a new kind of dog in South Dakota next year: a dog that bites instead of whimpers.

If you think biting beats whimpering and can spare just nine dollars to help me sharpen my teeth, contribute now before our June 30th FEC filing deadline!

I ask for nine dollars because when my establishment, ex-governor Republican opponent boasted he would run a nine million dollar campaign next year, there was no whimpering. We branded him the nine million dollar man, launched our nine against nine million campaign and told South Dakotans that Big Money already has enough nine million dollar men representing in the United States Senate!

If you agree it's time everyday citizens elected some nine-dollar U.S. Senators to represent them, then click here and join us.

Tim Johnson, the courageous Senator whose shoes I hope to fill, said, "Rick Weiland doesn't wear lipstick, but he is definitely a progressive pitbull." That's another high compliment I intend to live up to.

So please, keep an eye on what we are up to out here in South Dakota. We're going to have some fun!

With personal regards,

Rick Weiland