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Rep. Hickey drops bombshell on Bosworth campaign

by Greg Belfrage

State representative Steve Hickey just sent the following news release on Annette Bosworth. I've not had time to fully digest it, yet, but wanted to share it with you.






Those of us who serve in the legislature routinely get contacts from constituents who need help resolving issues. In timely fashion we look into the matters in question and contact whomever in state government we need to contact because as elected officials we have direct access and some authority to make sure something gets done.

Sometimes state government doesnt move fast enough or there are legal technicalities that prevent something from being rectified satisfactorily. This was certainly the case with my legal challenge of the nominating petitions last month of US Senate candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth-Haber. The result of my attempt to get an official ruling was a disappointment to many constituents, and citizens statewide. However, it is my understanding that matter and other related matters have reached another level of state investigation, which perhaps will bring a better outcome so the integrity of our political and election process stays corruption-free and fair for all.

In the process of my legal challenge, a number of people very close to the Bosworth-Haber clinic and campaign began to contact me and the most serious of what we believe to be Federal and State violations of law were turned over to our state Department of Criminal Investigation. Though not being able to comment on ongoing investigations, perhaps the Attorney General can at least confirm that the latter half of that previous sentence is true.

Consider this press release also a request of sorts to the state medical licensing board to look again into Dr. Bosworth-Habers practices. That statement I dont make lightly and if the licensing board were to contact me I would connect them to people who will now talk. My greatest concern as a state representative is the well-being of the people of our state.

Investigations take time and there are a number of ex-Bosworth-Haber friends and employees who, like myself, are extremely bothered that monies can continue to be bilked from unsuspecting people nationwide. As a state representative, what should I do with what I have been given and with the people who have turned to me to stop a train wreck before others are hurt or exploited? With all seriousness, these are good people who genuinely fear Chad Haber in particular knowing first-hand what he has been doing to those who have walked away from them. There is a real fear of retaliation, for them and their kids. Im just reporting what citizens in our state tell me, through tears.

My decision here was to ask one such person who has been substantially affected by the monies and manipulations to put it on paper. Again, the most serious of the things she has to share and the evidence of it is a matter for DCI agents to sort through. What is in this letter you can interpret as the last straw from, in Annettes own words one of the voices that actually knows me.

The last straw was candidate Bosworth-Habers recent comments relating people on welfare to animals in the zoo. As you will see in the letter, after being unpaid her $80,000 contracted salary, this mom and nurse shared with Dr. Bosworth-Haber that she needed to get paid because she has had to apply for welfare. Dr. Bosworth responded that it was okay because that is what welfare is for. So you can understand listening to Dr. Bosworth-Habers comments on welfare, knowing that she herself and her husband have long-lived off public largess, how this was a final straw.

To bring my press statement to a conclusion, with some constituent concerns I simply contact state agencies. However here Ive done that but also see value now in contacting the media. This isnt about her being elected as Dr. Bosworths friends tell me even they know that wont happen--- what this is about is her husband Chad Haber telling these people it doesnt matter that shes elected as now they have 130,00 Facebook friends as an income stream for the future. In my capacity as a minister and missionary, the last thing I want to see is these people lose the election and go be medical missionaries and hammer these mailing lists hard for money.


May 4, 2014

Dear Rep. Hickey,

I feared saying anything to anyone, because Ive heard both Annette and Chad talk about framing people; Ive also heard of other ways they have planned to hurt others who told the truth and this was a very scary thing for me to do; but after reaching out to others who made me feel safe enough to talk, I now am telling my story.

In late June of 2013 I accepted a position working for Annette Bosworth for Meaningful Medicine as a Certified Nurse Practitioner. I was hired with a promised $80,000 annual salary. After working for a month, Annette started to tell me her sob story about living in an RV for months during the past winter, almost losing her medical license due to defrauding Medicare/Medicaid and "winning that battle," etc.; the same stuff she tells everyone. In telling me these stories, her purpose was to ask me to take less money than she agreed to pay me; at that time I totally believed in her. If you want proof of the fact that my family and I believed in her, all you have to do is look at the video from her Senate announcement; my daughters and I are in the front row and it's my stage microphone and stage monitors she is using to make her speech.

After a few weeks of receiving $10 less an hour than I was paid as an RN, I started to have to beg for my paycheck every two weeks and she always 'negotiated' a lesser amount than I was owed. From the beginning of my employment, which started with the promise of $80,000 annually until I left in November of 2013, I went from being paid a negotiated amount to being asked to receive a daily amount, to being asked to go to an hourly amount, and when even then she couldn't pay me the agreed hourly amount (again less than I received as an Associate Degree Nurse) she would never pay me the amount I was owed. In the midst of this she asked me to start selling vitamin supplements to the patients to make up for my wages, to sell furniture that I helped her haul to the basement of the building because she owed too much money to the storage company and was going to lose it to auction (the infamous couch she claims to have sold for gas to get to the announcement of her campaign and multitudes of other things, all which are a lie), to make up for my wages and the wages of the others in her office she claimed to not be able to pay.

I moved my entire family, including my 82-year-old Mother from a beautiful home in Pierre, SD to Sioux Falls, SD for ONE reason alone, to take the job offered to me by Annette Bosworth, MD. I completely trusted her, as any CNP should be able to trust the MD they take a job with, as would any CNP who has a contract. She completely and totally lied to me. I had no idea of her reputation of having a swinging door for employees, which she didn't pay and that, along with the way she runs her practice and her life, was the reason they left.

I am a Mother of three; two of my children are still minors and I am their sole provider and my oldest, my son, is in college. As I said before, I had moved from Pierre due to my job with Annette Bosworth, MD; I spent all of my savings to do so. I was trying to pay for my son's college expenses and living expenses away from home, the rental of a home, a car payment, car insurance, food, etc., all on less than anyone could afford to do so. After a few months of this, (yes, you can insert names here, I call myself stupid looking back on it and I can't believe that I believed in her and Chad; to say the least, they are very convincing and extremely manipulative); I knew I had to find a way out. I was seeing and hearing things that were completely unethical and immoral, not to mention illegal, going on in the office; there is no separation between her professional business and her personal life. One of her patients even held the Meet-n-Greet Annette Bosworth for U.S. Senate at her home this weekend and that's the least of her sins that I can attest to.

I have sat back and watched Annette and her husband Chad destroy lives, live a lie, tell lies, laugh at the office about the raffle ticket holders whose money they spent without every considering giving it back, manipulate every single employee who works at PHS, Meaningful Medicine, and for the campaign. I have listened to her lie about a locked desk, the slandering of the employees who just want to be paid and want to save the next person from being hurt so they tell the truth, lie about how little money they have, get patients to give them food, clothing, even a Christmas tree with more presents than the Haber boys have seen in years, lie about employees stealing from them, swear an oath at the bottom of petition sheets when they were out of the country, and many, many, many other things.

So, when the post about the food stamp recipients received national attention I wanted to give her a chance to do something right. I wanted her to just apologize. In fact, I even text her and told her "Don't play the 'I'm being attacked' card on this one. Hang your head, say it was thoughtless, and apologize. I'm sure you don't believe the stupid crap you said anyway. So the truth will set you free. AND for God's sake, literally, don't blame anyone else; don't throw anyone under the bus on this one. That's been your history too and everyone says you take no accountability or responsibility for your actions already." This was my last ditch effort to see the humanity, the compassion, the integrity of a physician in Annette Bosworth, MD, a woman I trusted once and still hoped had some semblance of reality left in her.

Instead of taking what I thought was sensible, meaningful, almost parental or psychiatric-like advice, I received yet another manipulative response from her. One would think that by now she really could drop the charade but no, instead I received this response: "That's not true...Quit saying it...Be one of the voices that actually knows me. Help be the voice that I can not be in those moments. Where else can you find Someone that stands up for the underserved as much as I do....And is a conservative. Compassion and conservative BELONG in the Republican platform...It is what founded this party...Most others can't be both...I am." My response, after I picked up my jaw from the floor, I was thinking you still believe you're compassionate? You are still so narcissistic that you think you're the only compassionate Conservative? This is what my response was: "These days if you said the N word in the 50's like everyone else did and in this decade you're a famous chef on TV, you get to pay for your sins of yesterday AND no one takes flippant posts at face value. So what's your plan for a response if any? I'd start by removing everything on your page that isn't a direct quote and plan of action from you. Enough of the over circulated memes. Make your page professional and personal not generic." That's me. Trying to first be rational and reasonable, then trying a different course of action since she wasn't getting it and asking her to be humble, and then lastly to be professional.

None of it worked, in fact, she tried to pretend she meant to post that. That she was the Chosen One to make people take action against welfare; when in reality, the Republican led House of Representatives has been talking for months and today a 9 billion dollar cut to food stamps was agreed upon; but somehow Annette Bosworth, MD the Almighty needs to get people to talk about something that isn't in the news and needs to be dealt with? Hallucinate much Annette? But, I am sorry, I digress.

I am going to take Annette Bosworth's advice from her text. She told me to be one of the voices who actually knows her. So, here goes. Do you want to know why it grates my nerves so much to hear Annette Bosworth, MD tell the world that food stamp recipients are like dependent wild animals who are going to only grow more dependent on the system if you keep giving them handouts? Well, for starters because Annette and Chad have a multitude of people who they manipulate on a daily basis to give them food, clothing, babysit, etc.; like I mentioned before so, they take handouts daily when they don't need them. Secondly, because, as I was struggling to pay for all of the before-mentioned bills I had and live, I had to go to the food stamp office and get an EBT card. Yes, me, a Master-Degree Nurse who raised 3 kids while going to school for 10-years, who finally got a degree that could afford my children and I a decent living. Me who believed Annette Bosworth, MD would pay me what she promised. Me who was told by Annette Bosworth, MD when I cried to her that because of the pay she was giving me I had to go get food stamps and was told, that's ok, I understand, we're all in the same boat; I haven't taken a paycheck from Meaningful Medicine yet either. That's what it's there for LeAnn, to help people eat when they can't afford to eat. No! I wouldn't have had to if she would have paid me what she had promised; but my children and I wouldn't have eaten if I hadn't!! So, Doctor Annette Bosworth is the last person who should bring up this topic.

She should have fulfilled her promises to me and to every other employee who she was responsible for paying wages to. If anything she only makes a point against her point by proving that there are places we human beings find ourselves in that if the food stamp program wasn't there we and our children would starve. I didn't abuse the system; I wasn't lazy; I was working for Annette Bosworth MD and not making enough money to pay for food because she didn't pay me!! I was on the SNAP benefit program for roughly 3 months. As soon as I left Annette Bosworth, MDs practice, I was gainfully employed for myself and am now not using welfare to eat; but, I am so, so very thankful that it is there for people like me who work for people like Annette Bosworth, MD; who can't work, who work like dogs and can't feed their children, Veterans, children, and anyone else who wouldn't eat if the program didn't exist; people like my 82-year-old Mother who also trusted that Annette Bosworth would pay her daughter what she promised and moved to SF with me.

And just because I know their M.O. (doesn't everyone know by now that they will say and do anything to not admit the truth?), let me add a few things at the end of this. I have a copy of my $80,000 a year contract, copies of paystubs that don't reflect the promised annual salary; AND just in case she wants to say I am a disgruntled ex-employee taking advantage of the fact that she's running for Senate (I'm going to cover all of my bases because again, we know her Chad-choreographed M.O.), I am one of the very, very few who have never filed a lawsuit against her for lost wages (I didnt see the point as they dont pay their bills anyway); and, I have never, before last night in a message to Chad on FaceBook, said anything publicly about her (and that was only because he was harassing me). Also, I have a stunningly positive reference/referral letter she gave me when I left her office.

I wasn't around during the whole raffle scam so I can't be blamed for stealing anything and I didn't help out with her campaign except for during the announcement when she used my microphone and PA system, so I cant be blamed for anything on that side either. If anyone is wondering why I stayed as long as I did, its simple really, there are a lot of rules and regulations that a medical provider has to live by in order to maintain their license; were not allowed to just up and leave a job and start another. I have tried many times through text and phone calls to bring Annette around to reality; but, enough is enough. I am one of the many Christians and former friends/employees who have tried to bring her back to reality; who tried to believe that somewhere deep inside she is a good person. I, like many, only hoped that before she destroyed more people and herself and family completely, that she would just stop. But, also, like many, those of us they use and abuse reach a breaking point. I reached my breaking point when after asking for yet another apology, which someone who professes Christianity should do, which anyone for that matter, should do, instead, I got another slap in the face and so did everyone else who has had to use the program to feed themselves and their loved ones. She should be praising the food stamp program; it feeds her employees and keeps them around longer.

God Bless,

LeAnn Batiz


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