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Q & A: Why won't you name the newspaper?

by Greg Belfrage

One of the phrases I use frequently on the air is "The Newspaper Whose Name We Do Not Speak". I've been saying it for years, but haven't explained its origin for a long time.

I thought it time to revisit the issue after receiving this email from Stan:

I recently heard your morning host, Greg Belfrage, refer to a newspaper which he will not name. What is the paper and why not give the name? Thanks much for satisfying my curiosity. 
Here's my response:

Thanks for your question!  Sioux Falls has only one daily newspaper, the Argus Leader.

I began referencing them as "The Newspaper Whose Name We Do Not Speak" about seven years ago. The Argus had done several things over the course of a few days that was sparking criticism among my listeners.  As I recall, they had published an editorial and an overtly biased political article that were generating backlash.

One of the Harry Potter movies had just been released at the time.  The villain was "He Who Must Not Be Named". The idea was that Lord Voldemort was so evil that his name couldn't be publicly spoken.

I made an off the cuff joke about the 'evil' newspaper and dubbed them, "The Newspaper Whose Name We Do Not Speak".  Listeners started saying it on the air that morning, too, and the name stuck.  I've been saying it ever since.

Thanks so much for your message and for listening to KELO! 

Greg Belfrage is heard mornings from 6am-9am on KELO Newstalk 1320 AM / 107.9 FM.  

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