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Poll offers some surprises on statewide races

by Greg Belfrage

A new media poll of the statewide political races in South Dakota is offering one or two surprises. The poll was conducted by the Aberdeen American News, KSFY-TV and KOTA-TV.

The biggest surprise to me is that Larry Pressler is actually making a strong third place showing in the race for U.S. Senate.

The former Republican, now Independent, also enjoys a favorable rating of 29 percent. That's a better rating than everyone else in the race except Mike Rounds and Rick Weiland. Pressler's unfavorable rating, however, is almost nearly as high.

According to the poll, Mike Rounds would win if he were the Republican candidate and the election for U.S. Senate were held today. However, Rounds has the highest unfavorable rating, 35 percent, of any candidate in the race.

Annette Bosworth's name is absent from the Aberdeen American News report on the poll. Intentional or oversight?

It's no surprise to learn that Dennis Daugaard has a commanding lead in the race for governor.

However, there's a real shocker (yes, sarcasm intended) regarding Republican challenger Lora Hubbel...

Reporter Scott Waltman writes, "Hubbel isnt likely to pose much of a challenge next month, the poll shows. The percentage of people who have an unfavorable impression of her (16 percent) is twice as high as her favorable total."

Read the entire report at the Aberdeen American News.

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