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Newspaper uses N-word in op/ed on Obama

by Greg Belfrage

A New York-area newspaper is making headlines for using the N-word in one of their headlines.

The West View News ran the headline "The N***** in the White House" on a pro-Obama editorial.

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Yes, it was a PRO-Obama editorial.

AuthorJames Lincoln Collier uses the offensive term andargues that, "far right voters hate Obama because he is black."

No reasonable person would deny that racism is, sadly, alive and well in our country.

However, it is the Left that routinely classifies people by race, gender and sexual orientation.

It is the Left that routinely highlights the differences between people and demonizes those who oppose their policies.

I find it telling that left-wing columnistsand editors think little of using an offensive word that I would never dream of uttering, let alone putting in print.

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