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Mel Brooks on political correctness and 'Blazing Saddles'

by Greg Belfrage

Mel Brooks' comedy classic, Blazing Saddles, is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new release on Blu-ray.

Blazing Saddles is, in my opinion, the very best of Brooks' films. It is a perfect mix of hilarious comedy and biting social commentary on racism. The movie is riddled with the "N" word, but offers scathing satire of racial stereotypes.

Would any studio take the risk of making Blazing Saddles today?

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies , Brooks says no studio would dare touch the movie due to today's climate of political correctness. However, Brooks believes the movie actually did a great service to black people.

"Politically correct is absolutely wrong. Because it inhibits the freedom of thought," Brooks says. "Racial prejudice is the little choo-choo train that drives all of Blazing Saddles ."

Brooks, as he has been throughout his career, is spot on.

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