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Mayor Huether releases fundraising numbers

by Greg Belfrage

Mayor Mike Huether has raised over $94,000 in his re-election bid. The Huether campaign's latest financial report shows an additional $2500 of in-kind donations.

The numbers show how expensive it has become to seek elected office, even in a small Midwestern city like Sioux Falls. I'll be interested to see how much Huether's campaign has remaining at the end of the election. A significant remaining bankroll could be a sign of Huether's intentions to seek another office in the future.

Mayor Huether and challenger Greg Jamison have agreed to appear in a one hour forum on KELO just prior to the election. I'll host both candidates on Wednesday, April 2 at 10am. If you have questions for the candidates, email them to me at the address at the bottom of this column.

Sioux Falls mayoral election is Tuesday, April 8.

Here's the official press release on fundraising from the Huether campaign:

The Mike Huether For Sioux Falls campaign submitted the Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement to the City Clerk’s Office which relayed that $94,746 was contributed in Direct Contributions and another $2580.55 in In-Kind Contributions during the latest reporting period.  “I am working hard for the people of Sioux Falls as their Mayor, but also realize I have to earn the honor to keep serving them.  I am overwhelmed by the support, and yes the fundraising efforts, of our campaign.  When folks invest their hard earned dollars into a candidate, it is incredibly special and makes me work even harder,” said Mayor Mike Huether. 

“These strong fundraising numbers reflect that the people of Sioux Falls appreciate the accomplishments over the last four years and can’t wait to tackle the issues and opportunities of the future too.  Our re-election campaign is one element to help make that happen ”, said Huether.  To date, there have been 443 contributions to the campaign.

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