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Listener: "Voting Democrat for first time"

by Greg Belfrage

I mentioned earlier this week that I was getting criticism from one of the state's political bloggers. Pat Powers of South Dakota War College called me out for my support of Mayor Mike Huether, as well as my criticism of the negative Huether mailer from Minnehaha County Republicans.

Of course, once you get attacked online, others start piling on. However, many of the comments I've seen online aren't reflecting what I've heard directly from my listeners.

Here's an email I received yesterday morning from Don. I'm withholding Don't full name and address as a courtesy...

My wife and I decided several weeks ago who we're voting for in the city elections today. We are voting Democrat for the first time in our lives. We are 65 years old so you can see this is a huge decision for us. And, we are very conservative.

We think Mayor Mike has done an excellent job as Mayor. We agree with what he has done for Sioux Falls and want to see that growth continue. We do not see this local election as a referendum on the President or on what is happening nationally. So, we agree with your opinion so well articulated in your article. Thanks for speaking out.

Thank you, Don, for your wonderful email. I'm grateful to be in such great company.

Don's email was one of a number I received expressing support. Thanks to those who took time to write me.

I hope the Minnehaha County Repubicans learned a lesson from last week's mailer.

Petty partisan politics means little to people on Main Street, like Don, who sincerely want what's best for their families, their neighbors and their city.

The two major parties should do us all a favor and stop poisoning municipal races.

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