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Johnson is no maverick, just a rubber stamp

by Greg Belfrage

Senator Tim Johnson refusal to support one of President Obama's nominees is making headlines. Johnson said this week that he would not approve the nomination ofGeorge Tsunis as Ambassador to Norway.

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I get a kick out of Johnson trying to present himself as a political maverick.

Johnson's opposition to Tsunis doesn't require any political courage. He won't pay any political price for opposing the nomination.

His opposition is especially laughable considering the senator's record and recent statements.

Johnson was quick this week to defend the administration's wildly unpopular decision to exchange Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. He once defended the botched roll-out of Healthcare.gov in one of his weekly columns.

But now we're to believe Senator Johnson has found a backbone because he's opposing the president's nominee for Ambassador to Norway?

Senator Johnson, you've rubber-stamped nearly every decision of this administration, including Obamacare and the resulting havoc it has unleashed.

Why stop now?

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