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Insane video: Man on fire doing Ice Bucket Challenge

by Greg Belfrage

NSFW WARNING - The embedded video contains graphic images and profane language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $88 million for ALS research.

Unfortunately, people are getting incredibly reckless in their efforts to make memorable videos. A Scottish teen was killed when he did an elaborate Ice Bucket Challenge that involved a quarry.

And as you can view above, a man's decision to set himself on fire does not go well. His decision to hold a Confederate flag during the challenge is also likely to generate attention.

The good news is that the man is now doing fine. The bad news is that stupid is a permanent condition.

A friend of mine commented on Facebook yesterday that he thought the Ice Bucket Challenge had "jumped the shark".

After witnessing this piece of insanity, my friend may be right.

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