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Healthcare website still snagged

by Greg Belfrage

Problems continue with the federal government's online insurance exchanges. Healthcare.gov has been plagued with problems including long waits because the system has buckled under heavy user traffic.

Now we're learning that more than a dozen health insurance companies say the information received from the website is riddled with errors.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska had to hire part-time staff to verify data submitted by prospective insurance customers.  They're no longer accepting automatic enrollments.

There have been so many problems that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on the issue next Thursday.

Hopefully, Republicans will seize this issue and force a one year delay in the personal mandate.

House Speaker John Boehner got one thing right during the debate over the government shutdown.

Boehner said, "How can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work?"

Read more: http://kelo.com/news/articles/2013/oct/18/republicans-press-us-officials-over-obamacare-snags/ 

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