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Greg Jamison has right idea, wrong plan

by Greg Belfrage

Sioux Falls mayoral candidate Greg Jamison says he'll give property tax rebates if he's elected mayor.

Jamison says the city is bringing in more sales tax revenues than expected and he'd like to pay money back to citizens. Jamison says the average homeowner rebate would be $39.

Some see it as an effort to buy votes. One of my callers remarked this morning, "Now we know how much Greg Jamison thinks our vote is worth...$39."

Jamison would also use the additional revenues to pay down city debt.

I really appreciate Jamison's wish to return surplus or unexpected revenues to taxpayers. It's fairly rare in today's "tax and spend" climate.

However, I'm not a big fan of the rebate. The rebates go only to property owners, yet the money was generated by sales taxes. 

If the city is bringing in more money than it needs, then we should reduce the sales tax. Sioux Falls currently collects the full 2 percent allowed by state law.

I'm not a fan of government collecting money and later returning it to taxpayers. We should allow people to keep more of their own money in the first place.

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