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Former Bosworth consultant releases resignation letter

by Greg Belfrage

Below is the resignation letter of Ethan Crisp, the former campaign manager of the Annette Bosworth for Senate campaign.

As of today, Crisp says he's still owed $2,000 for December consulting. Crisp says, "When I asked Annette in January, before I resigned, about getting paid she told me I needed to solicit friends and family here in Idaho to contribute at least the amount I'm owed."

Crisp visited with our KELO NewCenter team yesterday and confirms Bosworth was out of the country on dates she swore she witnessed signatures in South Dakota. You'll find that story, and the complete audio from our interview with Ethan Crisp, here: http://bit.ly/1h6qtBc

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January, 18 2014

Dr. Annette Bosworth

Candidate for United States Senate (South Dakota)

2601 S. Minnesota Ave. Ste.105-129

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Dear Doctor Bosworth,

This letter will serve as my official resignation from the position of campaign coordinator within the Annette Bosworth, MD for US Senate campaign, effective immediately.

Over the last few months I have gained knowledge of activities that both you and your husband, Chad Haber have been involved in, that leave a host of legal questions and fall well short of my ethical & moral standards. Furthermore, you will recall the evening of Friday, November 15 th in which I approached both you and your husband about allegations that had been made towards your land raffle. At this point, you proceeded to swear at me and informed me that it was none of my business.

As you are also aware, I am owed a total of $321.66 for campaign expense reimbursements, and another $2,000.00 for my December consulting fee, both of which have yet to be paid.

Please forward all outstanding payments to the following address by January 31 st 2014:

Ethan Crisp

(address removed by KELO)


Ethan S. Crisp

(My office keys have been placed on the left-side of my desk.)

(An envelope with campaign contributions is also on my desk ready to send, and marked as such. Just needs a stamp.)