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ESPN apologizes for Michael Sam shower report

by Greg Belfrage

ESPN is apologizing for a report in which they shared information on Michael Sam's showering habits in the St. Louis Rams locker room.

Sam is the first openly gay player in the NFL.

During a segment on SportsCenter, reporter Josina Anderson was asked how Sam was fitting in with his fellow Rams. As part of her answer, Anderson shared comments from several Rams players on Sam's showering routine.

According to this report in Talking Points Memo, ESPN originally defended its reporting. The network said it was Rams players, not Anderson, who brought up the issue of Sam's showering.

However, the network quickly reversed itself.

ESPN Vice-president Josh Krulewitz tweeted the following apology:

The media has spent so much time reporting on Michael Sam that it was inevitable they'd put their foot in it.

I would imagine this is exactly why Tony Dungy said it would be a distraction to have Sam on an NFL roster.

The attention on Sam is hugely disproportionate, especially considering that some are wondering whether he'll make the Rams' cut down to 75 players.

ESPN is a long-time peddler of political correctness. It's nice to see it finally bite them in the @$$.

Do you feel the ESPN showering report was inappropriate? Is the sports media reporting too much on Michael Sam? Please comment below!

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