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Election means end to the robocalls

by Greg Belfrage

They're apparently effective, but I hate them.

I think every voter hates the dreaded robocalls that precede nearly every election.

We received five robocalls at our home just night. One was from Theresa Stehly urging us to vote in favor of snowgates. Another was from Jeff Gould of Save Your Neighborhood asking us to vote against the rezoning of a southside Walmart. We also received a call expressing opposition to Shape Places and the last from Mayor Mike Huether asking for our votes.

Political strategists say the robocalls produce results.

I don't care. I still hate them. In fact, I've never once visited with a voter who liked them.

However, I must admit that I do listen to robocalls. I listen mostly out of fear that I'll miss something significant if I hang-up or delete the messages.

To my knowledge, that hasn't happened, yet.

Today's Sioux Falls election means the end of the robocalls.

But I know the robocalls will return one day.And I'll keep listening to them...and hating them.

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