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Democrat Weiland and Republican Nelson blast Mike Rounds

by Greg Belfrage

As I'm writing this...two candidates for U.S. Senate are holding a joint news conference to attack Republican Mike Rounds for his out of state fundraising.

Democrat Rick Weiland and Republican Stace Nelson are appearing together at the Sioux Falls Downtown Pubic Library.

Weiland has made "big money" a central theme of his campaign. Nelson has repeatedly criticized Rounds for being a sell-out to conservative values.

Their joint press release appears below...

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For Immediate Release: April 7, 2014

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Weiland and Nelson Challenge Rounds on Out of State Fundraising
Two South Dakota Senate candidates --one Democrat, one Republican--say former Governor Mike Rounds is trying to buy South Dakota's Senate seat with out-of-state money. They challenged Rounds to release a list of just how many out-of-state cities and towns he has visited, days he has spent asking out-of-state people for money, how many South Dakota towns he has visited, and days he has spent asking South Dakota people for their votes, since he announced his candidacy well over a year ago.

Weiland has visited 348 South Dakota towns and 3 out of state cities since announcing his candidacy 11 months ago. Nelson has spent 233 days campaigning in South Dakota and zero days raising money out of state since he became a candidate 9 months ago.

To date former Governor Rounds has raised more than $2,900,000 for his campaign. Just last week his campaign boasted about having raised an astonishing $730,000 in just the last 3 months, and Rounds himself has said he will raise 9 million dollars and has said that 85% of that total will come from outside South Dakota.

In a joint statement Weiland and Nelson said, "We don't agree on much of anything. But we do agree, strongly agree, that what Mike Rounds is trying to do, buy this election, is wrong.

When you try to buy an election the people who gave you the money to buy it want something in return. If those people are big out-of-state donors, you have handed them South Dakota's Senate seat, and that is exactly what Mike Rounds election to the United States Senate would do," Weiland and Nelson said.

"We freely admit," both men said, "that we have and will continue to raise modest sums of out-of-state money, but our campaigns are focused on South Dakota. We spend 99% of our time and effort here and accept a little outside help to try to stay competitive."

Mike Rounds is focused more on raising money outside of South Dakota than he is on campaigning inside South Dakota. If you don't think that will affect how he votes in the Senate then you haven't been paying much attention to politics lately," the two men said.

"It's a little bit like the difference between a man who goes into a casino with fifty bucks and comes out having had an enjoyable evening, and a man who goes into a casino with no limit and comes out with a nine million dollar IOU to the Casino. The guy who lost the fifty bucks owes his wife an explanation. The guy who owes the Casino nine million has to vote however they tell him to for the next 6 years. Mike Rounds may not want to admit it. He may even believe that isn't the way it will turn out. But you can bet the big money Casino knows exactly how it will turn out, because they've rigged this game before," Weiland and Nelson said.

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