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Coke's multicultural commercial stirs controversy

by Greg Belfrage

I cringed when I saw this commercial from Coke during the Super Bowl. I will tell you very candidly that I dislike hearing "America the Beautiful" being sung in any language other than English.

But it wasn't the ad that made me cringe. I cringed at the comments that I knew my reaction would produce from the politically correct crowd.

I was proved right within moments of tweeting my discomfort with the ad.

And there it is...racist.

The real problem isn't that Coca Cola made the decision to inject their advertising with political correctness.

The problem is that I nearly elected to remain silent about the ad because I didn't wish to be called a racist, bigot or worse.

One grows weary and tired of being assaulted for upholding traditional American values, such as a belief that English should be the primary language of the United States.

I shouldn't have to defend myself against allegations of racism simply because I believe immigrants have the best chance of success if they speak English.

One can support English as a primary language and still be accepting of immigrants and their cultures. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

My issue with the commercial is that Coke is advocating a multilingual society. If Coke was simply promoting diversity, they would have done the very same ad with the song entirely in English. 

Its one thing to perform "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" in various languages. It's quite another to perform "America the Beautiful" that way.

While I've been drawing a lot of criticism online for my comments...phone calls and text messages to the show this morning demonstrate that I'm not the only one who didn't appreciate Coke's message.

Greg...it's bad to have coke and cheerios tell an accepting society they need to be accepting. Charles 

Greg, it would have been a beautiful thing and showing complete unity in our country if they would've all been singing America The Beautiful in English.

my american pride seems to be more diluted evry day now. it was sad.

Greg I am sick of having multi-culturalism shoved down my throat! Don

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