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Burger King says its staying in America

by Greg Belfrage

Burger King has been getting slammed by leftists after it was reported the company would be moving its headquarters to Canada.

The move was reportedly part of BK's purchase of Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons. It was announced that he deal included the relocation of BK's corporate headquarters to Canada. The Great White North currently has lower corporate taxes than the United States.

The move is known a tax inversion, where companies relocate to another country (usually as part of a merger) to enjoy a more favorable tax climate.

Democrats have bitterly criticized such tactics. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio yesterday called for a boycott of Burger King.

Now Burger King has taken to Facebook to say its staying here in America.

However, that hasn't appeased the rabid anti-corporate types.

Anna Rose commented, "Not believing it. The CNN article indicates that you plan to 'base yourselves' in Canada. That's a headquarters, people."

That's right, Anna. We all know the media never gets facts wrong.

Jonathan Winkel said, "The whopper goes nowhere, yet the whoppers revenue goes to Canada. People are not so naive as to believe this BS. The time for boycotting these companies has arrived. They're not US companies after all so they're not deserving of our support."

"I will never eat another Burger King product! Never! Pay minimum wage to employees so they have to use government resources and then refuse to pay a fair share of that in the way of taxes. My hope is the corporation fails miserably. BK is profane and reprehensible," writes Robert Francis Cargie.

Check out the hysteria, anger and pure venom by clicking on the BK Facebook post below.

Democrats and liberals keep telling us that lower tax rates will not result in growth. But, if that were true, American companies wouldn't be moving!

It ain't rocket science, people. Lower tax rates result in increased growth and tax revenues. Just ask officials in Canada.

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