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Brace yourself for more Sanford bashing

by Greg Belfrage

As you likely know by now, T. Denny Sanford has opened up his wallet again. It was announced officially this morning that Sanford has donated $125 million to combine genetic research with primary care.

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Almost immediately, the online mudslingers have started carping about the gift. The mudslingers have a variety of different complaints, but all of them seem equally petty to this observer.

The positive effects of Sanford's donations are visible for all to see. Growth at Sanford Health usually means loads of short term construction jobs and lots of long term careers in medicine.

I don't know why some people react so poorly to Sanford's generosity. Some apparently find it morally distasteful that Sanford accumulated wealth in the credit card industry. Others may just be jealous or envious of Sanford's success.

But if I had to guess why Sanford's gifts sometimes brings out the worst in others... I'd say it was a hatred of the rich.

The wealthy and successful among us have been demonized for decades, particularly by the Left. Too many fall into the trap of criticizing those who have worked hard. We seem to want to tear those down who have built themselves up.

Frankly, I'm deeply grateful for the benefactors who share their wealth with the community. 

And even if I weren't, it's not my place to decide if their money is well spent... any more than it's my place to decide if your money is well spent.

If you can't find it in your heart to show gratitude, then perhaps you ought to follow dear old Mom's advice.

Don't say anything at all.

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