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Belf's News Gallery 7.23.14

by Greg Belfrage

A daily potpourri of stories and people in the news

City quiet on fix to metal panels at events center
Transparency is always the best way to eliminate any appearance of problems or impropriety. However, the City of Sioux Falls isn't releasing details of its efforts to fix warping metal panels on the outside of the new Sanford Premier Center. Officials have decided that a recent consultant's report will not be shared with the public or the city council. A media request for the document has also been denied. The city attorney says the city isn't legally obligated to release the report. Perhaps not, but it's still the right thing to do. What are city officials trying to hide?

Obama's Law Professor: 'I Wouldn't Bet' on Obamacare Surviving Next Legal Challenge
I'm not optimistic. I have lost all faith in the federal judiciary to apply the Constitution.

House investigators: IRS tech experts say Lerner hard drive 'scratched,' not destroyed
Any chance we'll ever see Lois Lerner's emails? I doubt it. It would be easier to get a copy of the Warren Commission report.

Meet the Passionate 'Driving Force' Behind Fla. City's Saggy Pants Ban
The city council in Ocala, Florida has made it illegal to wear baggy pants. Violators face possible jail time and a fines up to $500. Councilwoman Mary Sue Rich pushed hard for the new law. She says, "I'm just tired of looking at young men's underwear, its just disrespectful."
I'm no fan of seeing young men's underwear, either. However, I'm far more tired of those who take their personal pet peeves and legislate on them. Jail time for baggy pants? Talk about an over-reaction.

Tree planted in memory of George Harrison felled ... by beetles
Any need to point out the obvious irony?

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