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Belf's News Gallery 7.18.14

by Greg Belfrage

A daily potpourri of stories and people in the news

Uncle Fester is absolutely correct that drivers need to be more careful following recent fatal accidents. But he's only gotten it half-right. Pedestrians and cyclists need to stop making dangerous assumptions that place their lives in jeopardy. I've had numerous pedestrians walk right out in front of my oncoming vehicle and trust that I'll stop. That's reckless. Just as motorists must drive defensively, so should pedestrians and cyclists take defensive steps to safeguard their own safety.

I continue to believe Democrats have seriously overestimated the public's appetite for illegal immigration. The border crisis is an excellent example. A new poll by Rasmussen Reports finds 59 percent of likely voters believe the primary focus of any immigration legislation should be to send young illegal immigrant children back home as quickly as possible.

James Cole, deputy attorney general in the Department of Justice, made it clear this week why a special prosecutor is needed to investigate the IRS scandal. The Department of Justice has been investigating the IRS issue for over a year. However, Cole said DOJ learned of the missing IRS emails from news reports.

Remember the nude photos that your partner promised nobody else would ever see? Edward Snowden says the NSA has not only seen them, but NSA workers are passing them around.

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