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Belf's News Gallery 6.28.13

by Greg Belfrage

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Lalley: Cyclists, critics might agree more than they think 
I usually have a stroke when reading columns by the Managing Editor of the Newspaper Whose Name We Do Not Speak.  However, Patrick Lalley has written a revealing column on the animosity that many motorists seem to have for those on bicycles.  It's worth a read.  It will make you think twice about how you treat cyclists when you encounter them on city streets.

Tour Sioux Falls 
Speaking of bicycles, the big Tour Sioux Falls event is happening this weekend.  There's a full slate of activities and events for the entire family.  Organizers are inviting everyone, whether you cycle or not.

More than half of Americans disapprove of new health law 
Americans seem to be suffering from a severe case of buyer's remorse when it comes to Obamacare.  A new Gallup poll says 52 percent disapprove of the law.  The survey also found 42 believe it will make their family's healthcare situation worse.  Forty-seven percent said the law will negatively impact the country's healthcare system.  In a recent Fox News poll, 58 percent of voters said they favor repealing all or some of Obamacare.

Pelosi: Celebrate Obamacare on July 4 
Rep. Nancy Pelosi says we should celebrate our "health independence" on July 4.  During her weekly news conference, Pelosi said that Obamacare “captures the spirit of our Founders, the spirit they wrote in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness".  Most Americans don't feel that way, as evidenced by the polls I just mentioned.  Honestly, it takes a hell of a lot of nerve (or sheer ignorance) to suggest that big government healthcare would have been endorsed by the founders.

Pelosi puts Boehner on notice: Don’t try rerun of farm bill shenanigans on immigration  
Rep. Pelosi says the House of Representatives shouldn't pass a bill on immigration reform just to pass a bill.  She's right.  In fact, I'd go even further and say the House shouldn't pass any immigration legislation.  Any bill passed by the House goes to conference committee and then heaven only knows what will eventually get foisted on Americans.

Cap'n Crunch defends himself against 'mutinous rumblings'
I'm well aware the entire debate over whether Cap'n Crunch is a 'real' captain is ridiculous.  However, sometimes you need a break from the serious issues of the day.  Besides, everyone knows that the person in charge of any ship is the captain, regardless of rank.