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Belfrage on the ballot issues

by Greg Belfrage

Sioux Falls voters head to the polls on Tuesday. We'll be voting on city and school board races, charter revisions and ballot questions.

Please don't think that I'm offering my thoughts on the four ballot issues as an indication to you on how you should vote. I'm simply sharing my thoughts with you and inviting your response, as I always do.

Initiated Measure 1 - Snow gates

Yes. The cry in favor of snow gates has been deafening. Most citizens want them. I do expect problems with narrowing streets and anticipate hassles for contractors. Nothing is perfect, but the benefits should outweigh the problems.

Initiated Measure 2 - Spellerberg pool

No. I'm voting against an outdoor pool at Spellerberg. I feel the Spellerberg neighborhood jumped the gun by putting this issue on the ballot. They completely stalled the discussion on an indoor pool. If we build an indoor aquatics center, and I'm still not entirely convinced we should, Spellerberg is a great location. Spellerberg would still get their outdoor pool if a vote for an indoor pool fails. Despite what you've heard, Spellerberg is not a neighborhood park. Spellerberg is a city park, just like Sherman Park, Terrace Park or McKennan Park. We've all got a vested interest in any future development at Spellerberg.

Referred Law 3 - Shape Places zoning

Yes. This is another issue that never should have seen the ballot. The public should not be voting on a 300 plus page zoning update. This is why we pay planning and zoning officials. This is why we elect representatives to the city council. They are the ones who spend many long hours taking testimony and drafting these complex issues. And now I'm supposed to toss all that out because a handful of people in one neighborhood are upset? I don't think so. Shape Places unanimously passed the planning commission and the city council. It should be law. If there are problems, city planners should work with the council to fix them. That's how a representative republic is supposed to work.

Referred Law 4 - Walmart rezoning

Yes. If you can't build a Walmart at 85th and Minnesota Avenue...where in the world could you build one?

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