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Belf picks best Super Bowl ads ever

by Greg Belfrage

Super Bowl 48 is now only hours away! Long after the excitement of the game has faded away... and we've forgotten the winners and the losers... we'll remember the commercials that touched us during the game.

Here's my collection of the some of the best Super Bowl ads ever!

Robert Goulet - Emerald Nuts
Who didn't laugh out loud at seeing Robert Goulet trashing this office?

The Force - Volkswagon 
Extremely cool in a geeky, nerdy kind of way.

Miller Lite - John Madden
This is an oldie (1981), but a goodie. Everyone was talking about this ad at the time.

Reekbok - Terry Tate Office Linebacker
Still as funny as the first time I watched it.

Monster.com - Better Job
Totally unforgettable. Betting you once had a job that made you feel this way.

Budweiser - Clydesdale foal
One of Budweiser's most touching commercials ever.

Snickers - Betty White
It isn't Betty White that makes me laugh so hard, but the appearance by Abe Vigoda at the very end of the ad that totally cracks me up.

Budweiser - Wassup
This commercial actually debuted during Monday Night Football, but most of us saw it first during the Super Bowl. I've never laughed harder at any commercial.

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