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Behind the scenes of the Bosworth interview

by Greg Belfrage

Dr. Annette Bosworth joined me yesterday to answer questions regarding the validity of signatures on her nominating petitions. Bosworth is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

If you missed the interview, you'll find the podcast here: http://bit.ly/1r4JWYB

I'm not going to offer any lengthy analysis of the interview because it speaks for itself.

Bosworth spoke of accepting responsibility, yet kept ducking my questions. She repeatedly invoked her Christian faith, yet repeatedly attacked the character of liberal blogger Cory Heidelberger because he's an atheist. She spoke of supporting her team, yet was quick to throw former colleagues under the bus because they've challenged her actions.

Suffice it to say that there were a myriad of contradictions.

Listeners noticed them, too. The phone calls, emails, messages and online comments we've received have been almost unanimously critical of Bosworth's double talk.

I told coworkers privately yesterday that I didn't expect Dr. Bosworth to appear for the interview. I honestly believed she would cancel rather than prolong the controversy with a lengthy interview.

However, Dr. Bosworth appeared at our studios right on schedule. She was charming, pleasant and eager to share her side of the story.

I expected the interview to go one of two ways. Bosworth would admit mistakes and accept responsibility. Or she would dodge and weave and deflect. Sadly, she chose the latter and people saw right through it.

Bosworth was visibly moved and shaken several times during the interview, especially during the break. I could see the enormous weight she was carrying on her shoulders due to the entire controversy.

Unfortunately, stress comes with the territory when you're seeking a seat in the United States Senate. However, you may notice that I softened my tone in the second half of the interview. It wasn't my place to beat her up in the interview, but simply ask the questions. She's been very gracious to me every time she's been to our studios.

After the interview, Bosworth told me that she had been advised by many in her camp to cancel the interview. I wasn't surprised. Under the circumstances, that would have been the prudent thing to do.

She also thanked me for my kindness. When I balked at that comment, she said I could have really "bloodied her nose" with combative and confrontational questions. One of the reasons she had appeared, she said, was because she felt I would give her a fair forum. I honestly hope she felt that was the case.

I thanked Dr. Bosworth for her time and courage in responding to the charges. She invited me to call her anytime with any questions I might have for her. We smiled and shook hands and she left our studios.

I said on the air this morning that I didn't enjoy putting Bosworth on the defensive. Those who know me realize that's not what I'm all about.

Yet, I know the party ideologues and Bosworth sycophants will attack me for pursuing the issue at all. Bring it on. I have absolutely no regrets.

My biggest concern yesterday was getting answers to questions on the minds of voters. I also hoped to conduct an interview in which listeners could see the character of Dr. Bosworth.

In that light, the interview was a tremendous success.

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