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Annette Bosworth vigorously attacks Rounds, Jackley

by Greg Belfrage

Has the floundering U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Annette Bosworth now adopted a "scorched earth" strategy?

It appears Bosworth has decided the best way to keep the heat off her own problems (questions over the authenticity of petition signatures, ongoing criminal investigations, numerous allegations of unpaid employees) is to turn up the heat on other Republicans.

Earlier this week, Bosworth released a television ad attacking former governor Mike Rounds for reducing the sentence of a man convicted of murder.

The Rounds campaign responded almost immediately, calling Bosworth's ad a "lie".

Bosworth responded in a news release by calling Rounds "an irresponsible liar".

How's that for a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Bosworth's honesty has repeatedly been called into question by many, including myself.

KSFY investigated the allegations made in Bosworth's ad and found many of them were untrue. Read the KSFY report for a balanced perspective on actual events. It's my view that Bosworth has lied about Rounds' real involvement in the matter.

During this week's GOP Senate debate on SDPTV, Bosworth unloaded on Rounds several times.

At one point in the debate, Bosworth wheeled on Rounds and spat her words out, "Governor Rounds, show us one of your original ideas in eight years."

I laughed out loud.

Say what you want about Mike Rounds, but at least he's been talking issues while Bosworth has been producing nine-minute videos about living in a van down by the river.

Today, Bosworth called a news conference to attack Attorney General Marty Jackley.

The Argus Leader's David Montgomery reports that Bosworth accused Jackley of "blatant election manipulation".

According to a KELOLAND TV report , Bosworth says Jackley should remove himself from ongoing criminal investigations into nominating petitions. It has been reported that a criminal investigation is underway into possible violations of state and federal law.

It's my opinion that Annette Bosworth is an unprincipled narcissist. Apparently it's not enough for her to cover herself in gasoline and light a match. Now it appears Bosworth wants to take as many others down with her as possible in a pathetic attempt to save her own skin.

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