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A day of reckoning for Annette Bosworth

by Greg Belfrage

The day that many of us hoped was coming finally arrived yesterday. Former U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth was arrested for violating election law. She's facing 12 felony counts of election fraud and perjury.

Problems involving Bosworth's petition signatures have been generating news for months. I was among those to interview Bosworth immediately following the allegations, hoping she would admit the truth. She didn't.

If you missed that interview, you'll find it here:

I'm not gleeful to see what has happened to Bosworth. I've watched her spiral into the abyss over the course of this campaign with some sadness. Many of us don't enjoy watching those who seem intent on self-destruction.

However, as someone on Twitter put it to me, it is satisfying to know that Bosworth will be held accountable for her actions.

Similar charges were also filed yesterday against former Senate candidate Clayton Walker.

I hope these arrests will serve as a deterrent to keep other fortune and glory hunters from seeking federal office. Bosworth and Walker tried to turn the process into a joke.

As it turns out, the joke is on them.

Yet, despite Bosworth's own admission last week that she was in the Philippines when she swore an oath she was in South Dakota witnessing signatures... some seriously misguided souls continue to insist this is a case of Christian persecution.

The following comments appear on Bosworth's Facebook page :

As you can see, some believe there is a big government or liberal conspiracy to bring down Bosworth.Conspiracy theories make for great conversation.

However, sometimes things really are as simple as they seem.

Bosworth broke the law.

I also get a charge out of those shouting, "She's innocent until proven guilty".

That standard of law applies to our government courts, not the court of public opinion.

I've seen the evidence. I've spoken personally to Bosworth. I'm capable of drawing my own opinion without waiting for a court verdict.

Bosworth is also posting many of the media reports about her arrest on Facebook. She has written the same comment on each story...

"Please keep my family in your prayers."

Will do, Dr. Bosworth. I suspect there will be more dark days ahead for you.

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