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Who's next?

by Cade

Going, going, Braun!

Milwaukee outfielder, Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the MLB season due to admittedly taking performance enhancing drugs. But, this news is just the tip of the PED iceberg in baseball.  Other big names will follow that of Braun's.

This latest steroid revelation comes from Major League Baseball's investigation into the Florida laboratory, Biogenesis.  The doctor in charge of the lab, Tony Bosch has provided MLB's investigators with a plethora of information.  Including, detailed information like names and what each athlete took from his company.  Damning evidence if true.  With Braun coming out and admitting his PED use, you certainly have to lend credibility to Dr. Bosch's info.

Other names that have been linked to Biogenesis are, Oakland pitcher Bartolo Colon, San Francisco outfielder Melky Cabrera, and one of the biggest of stars in baseball history, Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez.

Colon is tied for the MLB lead in wins with 13.  He's pitching the best baseball of his career at age 40.  Not suspicious at all.

Melky Cabrera was a marginal player until he came out of nowhere to become an all-star with San Francisco and busted out with a .346 batting average for the World Series champs in 2012.

But, the biggest fish for MLB to fry is, Alex Rodriguez.  The reports  I've read say that the evidence against A-Rod is much more overwhelming than that of any other player caught in the Biogenesis investigation.  Rodriguez has already admitted using PEDs in the past.  With the combination of a looming suspension and his nagging injuries, we might not ever see him on a baseball field again.

I find it so disheartening that incredibly talented individuals like these guys feel the need to use PEDs.  Braun was a good player for the Brewers, not MVP caliber, but still good.  Colon had a respectable career before this.  And, A-Rod was already one of the best players in the game before he strolled down the steroid street.  Any of those three would've been good ball players for a long time without cheating.

Someone asked me the other day... Why not just let anyone use PEDs?  First off, they are not only banned in sports, but most are illegal to even possess.  If young fans of the game see their favorite player abusing steroids, why wouldn't they do it too?  Who knows what kind of damage steroids can do to your insides.  Not to mention that of a young kid in high school or Little League.  It's not so much that MLB's sacred stats will fall to drug abusers and cheats.  It's more about a level playing field for the rest of the game.  A player shouldn't have to take PEDs just to keep up with the rest of the league.

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