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Inaugural Pro Bowl Fantasy Draft Is a Big Bust

by Cade

Inaugural Pro Bowl Fantasy Draft Is a Big Bust

You won’t find many people who love the NFL’s Pro Bowl.  According to a poll from the L.A. Times, 81% favor abolishing the annual Hawaiian all-star game altogether.

It’s not like these uber-rich athletes need an all-expense paid trip to paradise anyway.

The actual game is always lame.  Players don’t go all-out for fear they might get hurt.  Most big stars of the NFL never seem to even make the trip.  They site numerous bumps, bruises, and the agonies of a long season for not going.

But as many athletes love to say, “It is what it is”.

When I heard that the league was thinking about spicing things up, my interest was piqued.

The plan was to have Hall-Of-Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders draft their respective teams from a pool of players who were already voted into this year’s Pro Bowl.  So, players from the same team could possibly play against each other.  Players will not be pigeon-holed to play for their own conference.  In theory, you would be able to see someone like Saints defensive end, Cameron Jordan blow-up New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees in the backfield.  That would be fun because those guys both play for the same team and it’s not something we’ve ever been able to see before.  Heck, it would probably be fun for the defensive player too, as they rarely ever get to hit their QB in practice.

Throw that theory out the window.

Each “Team Owner” was allowed to pick a pair of team captains for the offense and defense.  Team Sanders selected Texans linebacker, J.J. Watt and Chiefs running back, Jamaal Charles as his captains.  Team Rice went with Drew Brees and Rams defensive end, Robert Quinn.  Team captains were also allowed to help draft their team.

So far, so good, right?  The boring part came when the draft started.  Both teams regularly let the draft clock expire before they got their picks in.  As a Viking fan and fantasy football player, I remember what happens when you don’t get your pick in in time.  You LOSE it!  Not in this goofy format.  Each team was given as long as they needed to make their pick.  And, it’s not like they had to pour over hundreds of players and thousands of stats.  They only had the Pro Bowl players to choose from.

To make matters worse, Day 1 of the draft was regulated to only picking players on the interior line.  Because nothing is more fun than watching offensive guards go off the board.  Then, they picked long-snappers.  LONG-SNAPPERS!  Kill me now.

Hopefully the next round will be more interesting with quarterbacks, running backs, secondary and the other sexy picks getting drafted.