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That Trick Never Works

by Robb Reel

I do not think of myself as famous -- I doubt you consider me famous either.

Being on the radio does afford me certain perks and extra attention sometimes.  I haven't paid my own money for a concert or a sporting event since I was about 15.  That's pretty cool.  People occasionally recognize me at a restaurant or the grocery store.  That's OK, most of the time.  On a rare day, I get asked for an autograph, including once at a urinal [true story].  Still, I have never once abused that modicum of celebrity to throw my weight around to get something or get out of something.

I tell you that to tell you this:

I have watched others do it, usually making huge spectacles of themselves.  From high-school teammates to radio/TV/print colleagues, I have been the chagrined guy off to the side for so many of these instances.  Every time, I roll my eyes -- even though not every time is the perpetrator doing it maliciously -- because, every time, the person looks like an idiot.

Every time, it fails.

Every time.

[Photo: Boyett in his official picture for Colts.com]

Cue: John Boyett, a rookie defensive back out of Oregon.  Boyett had just made the final 53-man roster to start the regular season with the Indianapolis Colts, though on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury List for past knee troubles.  Still, the 23-year-old went to a place in downtown Indy called Tiki Bob's -- it's just a few blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium -- to celebrate Sunday night.

The story goes that the Woodland, Calif., native got himself "over-served" in bar parlance.  He got too rowdy and was refused more alcohol.  He got upset at being cut off, got belligerent and refused to leave.  An employee told the plain-clothes officer doing security.  By now, it's early Monday.

Granddad always said, "Boy, nothing good ever happens after midnight."

[Photo: Boyett's mug shot]

The story is not that a young man overdid it and got arrested at a bar.  The story is not that a professional athlete got into trouble; unfortunately, that's more of an expectation than a surprise these days.  The story is what Marion County [Ind.] Jail records indicate Boyett yelled:

"You can't arrest me!  I'm a Colts player!"

Yeah, not anymore.

More on that in a moment. 

[Photo: Boyett at practice, via Colts.com]

Boyett, a sixth-round pick in last spring's draft, reportedly later threatened an officer, saying that he was "going to come back and break [his] jaw."  He was charged with what I like to call "The Drunk Trifecta."  That would be disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. 

I'm sorry, thanks for playing.

Blue Horseshoe wasted absolutely no time, in stark contrast to the overly patient and permissive NBA neighbors, the Indiana Pacers.  Boyett was released on Tuesday, the next business day because of the Labor Day holiday.  There will undoubtedly be repercussions from the league office in keeping with Commissioner Roger Goodell's plan to turn all NFL players into sparkling citizens, perhaps at the expense of due process, but I digress.  Such punishment will put off almost any other team except the Raiders from signing Boyett.

[Photo: Boyett, wearing #20 for the University of Oregon, celebrating a 2010 interception for the Ducks against the University of Arizona -- REUTERS/Steve Dipaola ]

The moral of the story: whether you're wrapping up a receiver with a tackle or wrapped up at Receiving in the county jail, just keep your head down.