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Guinness for Strength

by Robb Reel

There have been many slogans used over the years to advertise the great beer of the Emerald Isle.

"Guinness for Strength" is my favorite.

This is an example of why:

I want to add a couple of things from my own experience.  Guinness is my beer of choice, although most American establishments neither store it nor serve it cold enough.  I have toured the original brewery at St. James's Gate in Dublin and I am certified to pour the Perfect Pint.

For the last eight or nine years, I have played in a wheelchair basketball "celebrity" game.  I also play in some occasional games along the way each year.  As a TAB -- that's a Temporarily Able Body -- I have found the wheelchair version of the sport far more challenging.  Who knows if my many years behind the plate have put my knees on a path to needing one myself someday.  Perhaps some accident or time-related ailment will do it.  One thing is certain: we all deteriorate with the sands of time.  One more thing is certain: we all need loved ones to stand by us, even when standing isn't necessarily involved.

This spot makes me proud that Guinness is my beer of choice.