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Base Stealer Caught

by Robb Reel

I've had a front-row seat to addiction.  I have watched the people closest to me battle the dragon.  Some have been a lot more successful than others.  All will tell you that it is a daily struggle -- though some days are a lot easier -- and that no addict is ever "recovered," only recovering.

Remember Otis Nixon?  He was the base-stealing speed merchant patrolling the outfield for nine different major-league franchises over 17 seasons.  I first caught wind of Nixon as a Montreal Expo but his greatest baseball glory came with the Atlanta Braves.  He once swiped six bases in a single game -- that's a record.  His robbery of a potential Andy Van Slyke homer is still the stuff of highlights and legend more than 20 years later.  He routinely smoked pitchers and catchers and has the most stolen bases of any major leaguer who was never an All-Star.

The swiping and smoking of a different sort now have Otis Nixon back in the spotlight.

Here's a little more  on Nixon's running afoul of the law.