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Reason 471 why Sweden sends so many great hockey players to the United States and Canada

by Dan Cash

Sweden is famous for sending amazing NHL athletes like Nicklas Lidstrom & Henrik Zetterberg and of course all of these guys.   At this point we are talking about monster numbers of athletes that not only come over the United States to live and play...they dominate the competition.  For years we as North American brethren have wondered how can they be this good?

I have finally discovered a simple answer to this query.  In Sweden if they don't play hockey, they are forced to participate in insane 8km obstackle courses like the one featured below. 

At times these supreme athletes jump over logs, take out waterways and even crawl under bridges.  This is what being a man is all about.  It's also the reason the National Hockey League is back to becoming a legitimate sport again.  

For the sake of hockey...Sweden I implore you to keep coming up with more and more pointless competitions like this one.  

Go mother Sweden Go!