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Russian Skier Breaks Ski, Canadian Coach Runs Him A New One

by Jeff Frieders

Pretty awesome events transpired during the Men's Sprint Free Final.

Unfortunately Russian cross-country skier Anton Gafarov wiped out mid-race.

Even though he knew he was out of medal contention, he decided to try to reach the finish line anyway.

After falling multiple times while attempting to basically ski one-legged, Canadian ski coach Justin Wadsworth literally sprinted onto the course with a replacement.

Anton was able to eventually finish the race, and even though he was a few minutes off of the leader, the crowd erupted, cheering him on for never giving up.

He returned the admiration by applauding the audience as he crossed the finish line.

That's what the Olympics are all about, Charlie Brown. 

I can't embed the video on this page, but you can watch it HERE!