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Packers/Niners, the Aftermath.

by Jon Henseler

I don't know who else was catatonically watching the Fox Sports wrap up after the Packers allowed a three man rush to crush A-Rod to end the game but if you did, this guy might have rescued your night. Master photo bomb. Like you know how in the Dark Knight when people said, 'Heath Ledger as the Joker was so good I wanted him to take out Batman' THAT'S how I felt watching this play out. This bearded bro who looks like Dwight's cousin Mose if he went on a beet eating binge absolutley steals the scene from Erin Andrews. Like Erin Andrews could have been naked here and I don't think I would have been able to stop watching this dude. Captivating stuff. And I know the dreadlocked bro was trying his best, but my man, just let the king take the stage. You're like Low Winter Sun compared to Breaking Bad, nobody cares about you. Anyhow on to the game;

- LOTS of, what Mike McCarthy would say, 'pahsitives' from yesterday. A-Rod is already in Jason Bourne form. Randall Cobb moves like Nightcrawler and Jordy Nelson was unstoppable. Guy looked like a magician with some of those catches on the sideline. Not quite Gob Bluth category but getting there. That and the front 7 looked pretty solid. 

- MAJOR problem in the secondary. Anquan Boldin is what I would consider to be an underrated receiver given his career numbers but he looked like Star Power Mario out there. Honest to God it reminded me of Plaxico in the 2007 NFC Championship game against Al Harris. Obviously Burnett and Hayward out hurts but the Niners basically had two receivers in Davis and Boldin and we couldn't stop either one. Shields is quick but I think Tim Masthay laid better wood out there yesterday.

- Jeremy Ross. Bro............bro. Time to start Costanza-ing your decision making. If every instinct you have is WRONG, the opposite, must be right! I want that guy in a permanent genuflect on kick returns.

- How about that random simultaneous possession PTSD situation. About the only time in Green Bay people wanted to see Lance Easley.

- You ever hear people say 'enjoy this because it happens rarely.' Like when Magic and Bird were in their heyday in the 80's NBA. Just enjoy it because you're never going to see two top 3 all time talents playing each other for championships ever again. That's how I feel watching the NFL with both Jay Cutler and Jim Harbaugh in the league. Two of the best pure whiners of all time.

- Has there every been a better snapshot of Jermichael Finley's career than yesterday? Drop becomes and interception and then an amazing run after the catch for a touchdown. Dude reminds me of the iPhone when it first hit the streets. Cool in theory but a lot of annoying glitches.*

- I'm not entirely convinced that Joe Buck isn't Hal 3000.

So all in all sort of the same deal as last year at this time. Week 1 loss to the Niners that you feel like the Pack should have had. No reason to read Don't Kill Myself books but with our schedule this week against Washington is HUGE. And you can't not mention the referee debacle. I know a lot of people of Facebook were complaining that it cost us the game and a lot of other people were saying that it was the least of our concerns. Truthfully the real consequence of that play lays somewhere in between. Sort of like Kenny Chesney's dating life. HEYO! But in all seriousness you can't blame ONE play when you give up 34 points and 500 yards of offense. That being said you can't ignore a play that essentially cost us 4 points. Just once I'd like to be on the opposite end of a play where you say 'man did we get away with one.' In any case when you consider all things, we went on the road, to a Super Bowl contending team's house, turned the ball over twice and still only lost by 6. Not too shabby.

* What's great about that reference is it's topical. 

PS: LOVED that field goal to push the Niners past the +5 spread. What a kick in the junk.